Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello. Our Mom needs help.

Hello! We're starting this blog because our mom needs help, and we don't know where to turn. We are three sisters who are trying to save our disabled, chronically ill mother from a bad situation.

A few years back, our mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Since, she's been undiagnosed, rediagnosed, and now they are saying that she has "Parkinson's-Like Syndrome." Whatever that means! She also has severe spinal problems, and has had a failed spinal fusion which leaves her unable to work, unable to jump up and do the things she's always done, and unable to save herself when life turns against her. She's also been chemically poisoned by pesticides and mercury. So we've been taking care of her as best we can.

One of us lives across the country.
One of us lives in another city.
One of us lives across town.
All of us love our mom very much and want what's best for her.

In the past year, it's become more and more difficult for her to take care of herself and for us to fill in the gaps. Her husband, our dad, doesn't help her, even though they live together. Sometimes she calls from her bed and he either ignores her, or he yells angrily at her. He is dealing with his own issues; he's been unemployed and feels overwhelmed and burnt out. At any rate, he can't be depended on much.

We wish that we could take her out of that situation, but financially, she is dependent on him, and none of us are able to take on the role of taking care of her financially. She wants to stay in her own home, and we've been trying our hardest to keep that a reality for her.

As time has gone on, she's needed more and more care. Caregivers are expensive. As a result, other bills have been neglected.

Mom is now being faced with foreclosure on her home. The caregiving agency is threatening to stop sending caregivers. She needs more care than is available from volunteer sources and from her family.

What should we do?

We're starting this blog to talk about it, and also to use to put our ideas out there for fund raising. We'll be selling things to make some cash to help mom out, and we'll be gathering resources that might be useful to others in similar situations.

Thank you for visiting and considering helping our mom!

The 3 Sisters

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